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If you are considering penis enlargement, it is important to research the safety and effectiveness of all options out there.

Do penile enlargements work?

It is possible to permanently increase penile size using medical procedures.

Penile Length Enlargements

Consulting with a trusted advisor at Morganstern Medical is often a best first step in learning about what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to length and width augmentation. This includes a discussion on your current health status and goals as well as available procedures for permanent enhancements with surgery and less invasive options for immediate enlargements, such as implants or injections. We have experience in discussing solutions for issues, including any sexual health concerns or erectile dysfunction.

The doctors at Morganstern Medical encourage you to talk with your primary care physician if you are concerned about your penis size or dysfunction. Your urologist with experience in sexual health and medically supported methods should be able to answer your questions and determine whether there may be an underlying issue and whether function is at risk. A complete genital exam may be recommended. Our urologists and team at Morganstern Medical explain the latest effective options for elongation and widening.

Common Questions about Penile Augmentation Methods

Do penile enlargements actually work?  Yes, if done properly using medically reviewed and effective techniques and protocols.

Are there complications? Complications can occur. For this reason, we have assembled some of the best surgeons and urologists at Morganstern Medical. We review any risks with you and take precautions to mitigate risks of complications and reduce recovery time.

Is the change permanent?  Yes, some of the enhancement options result in permanent increases. See charts below.

Has the success rate been medically reviewed in studies? The majority of men who call Morganstern Medical are seeking a 1-2 inch or 2.54 cm to 5.08 cm increase in width or length or both. Patients seek protocols that have been improved over time and have been medically reviewed. These are patients who have often tried pills and devices with no positive outcomes.

What is penoplasty? Penoplasty is penis surgery performed to elongate and/or widen the penis. This process results in permanent enlargement. Morganstern Medical offers innovative choices and combinations of products to accomplish permanent successful results.

So what do the sexual health experts say? Dr. Mike O’Leary, MD, MPH says most men believe that bigger is better and would prefer a larger size for performance and confidence. Dr. O’Leary is a Professor of Surgery in the Urology Department of Harvard Medical School (Cambridge) and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston). His research has been published in journals including Brief Male Sexual Function Inventory. Dr. Leary has also been involved in clinical trials for erectile dysfunction.

The team at Morganstern Medical is glad to work with you and share educational knowledge of the programs and what to expect. Morganstern Medical has extensive experience and references medically reviewed studies, research, testing, and data.  We have been enlarging penises for decades and are the longest running clinic in the USA. Our urologists offer the most expansive list of penoplasty or non-surgical options available. Our patient liaisons educate patients on how it works, and the best choices for you.

The Urology Department of Sexual Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City recommends talking to your doctor as a first step in evaluating a penis you feel may be undersized. Is penoplasty a good solution? Start by consulting your urologist.

Penile Enlargement Devices Effectiveness

What doesn’t work? The majority of products and devices and pills that claim to increase size simply don’t work and can be unsafe. Stay away from pills, most supplements, creams, and lotions.

  • Morganstern Medical’s enhancement procedures have shown to be safe, with thousands of successful results with some of the highest success rates in the nation.
  • Our doctors are Board-Certified Urologists. Morganstern Medical’s techniques are proprietary. No other urologists use this model or achieve these results. Testing is essential to establish the safest, effective, and least invasive procedures. Our history of case studies has led our physicians to enhancement treatment procedures no other doctors have.
  • Medical Reviews: According to the latest data and research journals, the average erect penis size is 5-6 inches long and approximately 4-5 inches wide. Separate research says that some men have face an issue often genetic in nature, a micropenis. Sex and function are affected. Treatment is often advised. Those diagnosed with prostate cancer who receive an invasive procedure can suffer from penis size loss as well. Morganstern Medical is committed to men’s sexual health and supporting patients in living their best lives.

Surgical Penis Enlargement Procedure

Looking for a non-invasive, non-surgical, or minimally invasive effective option?

  • Morganstern Medical’s non-invasive techniques provide an instant extension. Sexual intercourse can be resumed shortly after with brief recovery times expected.
  • Our medical clinic uses only FDA-approved fillers with our non-surgical injection solutions for size increase.
  • Increased penis length and width expansion are available. Ask if you are a candidate for our guaranteed penile length enlargements.
Request a discreet 15 minute phone consult

Morganstern Penis Augmentation Surgery

At Morganstern Medical, our surgeons provide an array of ground-breaking, proven techniques to medically increase penis size. Not every man starts with the same penis size and same health conditions at birth. Variation occurs and even average-sized men would like to experience length extension or additional thickness. Not every man wants an identical outcome, so individual evaluations are necessary.

We understand this is a personal journey and we are here to answer patient questions about our model.

Morganstern Medical’s solutions are customized – as they should be. An evaluation is the first step.

Before After Penile Enlargement Photos

Morganstern Medical’s solutions are customized – as they should be.

Additional research studies can be read in Men’s Health Magazine. A recent article says that 45% of adult men are dissatisfied with their penis size. If you are looking for length extension or maximum thickness, our doctors have several options available.

Stay away from products such as pills, potions and creams. They do not work and may pose a risk to your health.

Penile Enhancement Medical Procedures

Procedures: Surgery

Penile Length,
Girth & Glans

Penile Girth & Glans Enhancement

Additional Penile

Morganstern Maximum Permanent Penis Size Increase

The world’s best life-lasting enlargements have been tested for years – Proven Safe: 4,000 cases. Patented procedure with financing available. Our penoplasty options offer the maximum potential increase in both length and girth size of penis. For men seeking the maximum circumference and length, this is the best choice.

Weekend Option: Procedure can be performed on Friday.


Morganstern Maximum Permanent Penis Enlargement Highlights – Cost: $11,000

Morganstern Non-Surgical Length and Width Enhancement

Achieve increased penis length and width – no surgery: The fastest, safest solution to a longer and thicker you. Plus, additional size can be achieved with subsequent treatments.


Morganstern Non-Surgical Length and Width Enhancement Highlights – Cost: $8,500

Morganstern Instant Penis Enhancement

Morganstern’s Instant Penis Enhancement is the simple, low health risk and affordable opportunity for men to achieve a larger penis. There are no scalpels, no stitches nor anesthesia – and you’re ready to get back to sexual activity almost immediately. Provides impressive increase in penis girth with FDA-approved filler injections.
The Morganstern Instant Enhancement is ideal for men not quite sure about how they feel about an enhancement procedure, want to limit health risks, or are currently on a tight budget.


Morganstern Instant Enhancement Highlights – Cost: $6,000