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RejuvaHeart ECP Therapy

  • The human body has almost 70,000 miles of veins and arteries: that’s almost two trips around our planet!
  • Over time, Electronic Counter Pulsation (ECP) was first developed

What is RejuvaHeart?


RejuvaHeart ECP Therapy

RejuvaHeart® – is a treatment technology for improving macro vascular health.

Essentially it “sets the body up” for healing. The enrichment achieved from improved blood enhances the outcomes of the other two modalities and offers immediate improvement with penile performance since related vascular health is essential to its optimal performance.

Rejuvaheart/Entercounter Pulsation

Rejuvaheart/ECP offers dramatic health benefits for patients suffering from E.D., fatigue, reduced lung capacity, and even quadriplegic challenges. Blood flow to the penis can be increased by 140%.
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The Technology

RejuvaHeart is a key workhorse treatment modality amongst the components that are used to heal both erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease.

This custom, FDA-approved device is unique and manufactured in Orlando.
staple of the Company’s Peyronies and Erectile Dysfunction treatments