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ExoSurge Shockwave Therapy

  • ExoSurge Shockwave Therapy causes regeneration.
  • ExoSurge Shockwave Therapy is proven effective for treating ED symptoms.
  • ExoSurge Shockwave Therapy repairs damaged penile tissue.

What is ExoSurge Shockwave Therapy?

ExoSurge™ Urologic Grade Shockwave therapy is a non-surgical regenerative therapy which leverages stimulating waves that prompt communication between different cells and activate autogenous regenerative cell production. testis atrophy urologists logoThe first aspect stimulates recovery, the latter aspect initiates healing.

ExoSurge™ is applied directly upon the surface of the skin in an area targeted for specific cellular activity based upon patient diagnosis.

As one of the very first pioneers to investigate the benefits of shockwave therapy for men’s health in the United States, we’ve seen its acceptance grow monumentally, especially within the last two years.

Sadly, for patients, almost all that assimilation occurred through from radial shockwave devices. Radial shockwave is a much lower quality, much cheaper process that mimics results of traditional shockwave with measurably less effectiveness. This confusion is aggravated by the fact most medical professionals don’t know the difference between the two technologies. Thus, the terms are often incorrectly used interchangeably.

How can a patient tell the difference?

One easy way is listening closely to how they characterize the device they utilize. Radial wave devices are often described as “acoustic waves”. However, with little effort you’ll discover that the studies they will cite in terms of your potential success all use the term “shockwave”. That’s like evaluating the performance results from an Indy racecar and having someone tell you the Honda Civic in their showroom is just as impressive on the racetrack.

Radial Shockwave vs ExoSurge™ Shockwave Treatment

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When comparing ExoSurge™ to what’s now commonly associated as shockwaves (acoustic waves), the clinical analysis tells the real story.

ExoSurge™ treatments penetrate 278% deeper within treated human tissue than radial soundwaves and trigger double the amount of regenerative cell activation. Not surprisingly, a big reason for the scarcity ExoSurge™-level treatment technology is expenditure. Urologic grade shockwave units cost 300% more to purchase and operate than radial shockwave instruments.

ExoSurge™ shockwaves are the next generation of regeneration therapy; an evolved form of shockwave that has been proven effective for indications not currently treatable using traditional soundwave technologies.