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Rayvon Reynolds

Executive Director

Rayvon is a serial entrepreneur and driving force behind the new growth at Morganstern Medical.

Previously, Rayvon was the inventor of the Woolite® Drycleaner’s Secret brand of at-home cleaning kits and co-founded the company that spearheaded its production and distribution. That company was sold in 2012. Rayvon leveraged this experience with utility patents (Rayvon holds eleven patents relating to the process of cleaning “dry clean only” clothes in the home) to guide patent protection for Morganstern Medical’s new IP assets.

Rayvon co-founded the single highest volume retail dry cleaning operation in the southeastern United States (Presstine Cleaners) and served as president of Moby Dick Seafood Restaurants national company. Moby Dick was the nation’s fourth largest fast-seafood chain at that time.

Rayvon originally hails from Owensboro, Kentucky and is a professional magician, avid Cosplayer and a lifelong collector of fine art.

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Practice Administrator

Vivian is originally from Ft Myers, FL. Vivian holds a Bachelors Degree in Healthcare Management and is presently pursuing an MBA in finance.
As a child, she would hang out with her dad on the NHRA Drag Racing circuit. She describes herself as highly outspoken and driven. Vivian will forever be a Dallas Cowboys fan and is also a diehard LA Laker fan.

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Licensed Medical Assistant | Manager: Collections and Billing plus Training Systems

Tracy is originally from sunny Los Angeles, CA. She likes to say the Healthcare field chose her but she says as she learned the ropes and took the plunge she has never looked back. Tracy is a licensed medical assistant and is currently attending college for Business Administration. She's also licensed as a massage therapist and chiropractic assistant.
Tracy leveraged professional medical coding training into management of our billing department. Additionally, she's utilizing her writing and organizational skills to drive the development of company operating and training manuals as we prepare to expand. She enjoys the day to day challenge of her job and is very dedicated and giving. Her favorite sports team is the Oklahoma City Thunder and if she could travel anywhere it would be to India so she could enjoy the delicious food.

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JazMone' Proctor

Certified Medical Assistant | Manager: Front Office

JazMone' is from both Washington D.C. & Augusta, GA.
She's a licensed Medical Assistant and is presently in Nursing College at Albany State - she plans to get her CRNA after her BSN.
She has a strong passion for helping others which is but one reason she got involved in healthcare. One day she hopes to get her pilots license and her greatest strength is her leadership. She love the color pink and any other neon color. One of her favorite quotes is “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

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Certified Medical Assistant | Manager: Clinical Operations

Becky is originally from Georgia and has always wanted to help people. She loves seeing the patients happy after helping them with a problem. She’s an avid Alabama football fan and her favorite color is pink. She would love to go to Ireland and is most proud of her kids and family.

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Licensed Medical Assistant

Latresa is from right here in Atlanta, Georgia and is a licensed medical assistant. She chose her profession because she loves to help people and is very caring. The patients are her favorite part about her job. If you knew Latresa you would know that she is very loving and jolly. Her leadership skills are what make her a vital asset to our team. Her ability to overcome many obstacles is her greatest strength. In addition, The Notebook is her favorite movie.

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Licensed Medical Assistant

James is originally from Washington D.C. He became a medical assistant to help people and to make a positive impact in their lives. His greatest strength is his work ethic. What James loves most about his job is that he is able to mix helping people with cutting edge technology. His favorite color is grey and his favorite quote is “Every day above ground is a good day!”

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Medical Records & Billing Assistant

Sheena hails from Waterbury, Connecticut. She loves a challenge and chose her profession just for that. Her friends would describe her as genuine, friendly and loves to laugh. She enjoys her job because it gives her the opportunity to learn something new each day. She is a fast learner who picks up on information very quickly. Interestingly, Sheena is an actress and if money was no object she would love to act all day.

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Front Office Patient Assistant

E'nita began her journey into the medical field because she knew she always wanted to help people in a big way. Her favorite quote is “A wise woman wishes to be no one’s enemy, a wise woman refuses to be anyone’s victim.” Her mom is her hero because she has been there for her like no other. Her favorite musical artist is Marvin Gaye and she enjoys listening to R&B.