Revolutionary New Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Solution: Curved Penises

  • Heals the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease
  • Disseminates fibrous and calcified plaque
  • Straightens your curved penile shaft
  • Restores healthy penile function and sensation
  • Available exclusively at Morganstern Medical

curved penis correction

Peyronie’s Disease: Curved /Bent Penile Shaft

Peyronie’s disease is universally used to describe a condition where a man’s penis bends significantly when erect. It gets that name from the French surgeon who described it in 1743.

However, there’s a big difference between Full-Scale Peyronie’s and Pre-Peyronie’s.

Pre-Peyronie’s Disease Correction for Initial Curve

Pre-Peyronie’s disease is identified by fibrous plaque in the penis that causes noticeable curvature during an erection.

Depending on where the plaque build-up is, the penis may be curved to the side, downwards or upwards.

Not every case of Pre-Peyronie’s evolves into Full-Scale Peyronies – but the chance for such deterioration increases exponentially because of the higher likelihood of penile trauma because of the abnormal curve.

The difference between Pre-Peyronie’s and Full-Scale Peyronie’s is usually determined by identification of scar tissue that resulted from intensive stress in an already curved, plaque-filled penis prevalent in Pre-Peyronie’s.

Signs of Full-Fledged Peyronies Disease: What is it?

Full-Fledged Peyronie’s Disease usually includes scar tissue characterized by increasingly hardened plaque or a hard lump that occurs on the penis. It begins as a localized inflammation, which progresses to a hardened scar on the shaft of the penis that reduces flexibility and causes the penis to bend more intently during erection. This may cause pain on erection and a deformity that may prevent sexual intercourse altogether. Aside from the physical consequences, depression and loss of self-esteem are common in men with Peyronie’s disease.

Listed below are common symptoms associated with Peyronie’s Disease:

Free Initial Peyronie’s Consultation: Atlanta

Wondering if CurveFree® is right for you? We offer a free initial consultation – either in-office or over the phone – to evaluate your present condition and determine if there’s a suitable CurveFree™ treatment in your future.

Breakthrough Peyronie’s Treatment Offers Hope for Cure

It’s Non-Surgical, Universally Adaptable: It Heals Peyronie’s

What is CurveFree® Technology for Curing Peyronie’s Disease?

CurveFree™ is a non-surgical, non-invasive, proprietary new process that breaks down the diffuse plaque and/or plaque mass associated with Peyronie’s Disease while congruently rehabilitating the inner tissue essential to function and performance. Finally there is a non-surgical treatment to successfully address a curved penile shaft.

Plaque: The Human Health Nightmare
endostim-smallThe build up of both calcified and fibrous plaque in the penis is the most common underlying culprit for symptoms of Peyronie’s disease.

Most people first develop an awareness of the problems associated with plaque from cardiology: that arterial “blockage” we hear commonly associated with the risk of heart attack? That’s calcified and fibrous plaque clogging up your arteries. Also, such plaque is the root cause for Alzheimer’s disease where neurotoxic amyloid plaques clump into thick, insoluble masses and disrupt the transportation of essential materials such as nutrients and organelles to the brain – adversely affecting memory function.

bent penis remedy procedure diagramPlaque is the bane of long-term human health. The penis – being an organ whose primary function is derived from blood flow – is obviously a natural victim for of this calcified killer.

How does CurveFree™ Technology Heal a Curved Penis?

CurveFree™ attacks your condition from both a macro and micro basis: we work to reduce or eliminate the plaque that’s already flowing through your tissues and create a basis for the body to assist in your recovery process.

Peyronies Disease Device Treatment PicsAdditionally, we use a particular type of low intensity shockwave plus customized carboxy therapy injections along with electronic counter pulsation. Each of these treatment platforms serve a dual purpose imperative to healing the curvature in your penis, including:

  • Gently breaking up the plaque in the penis that serves as the ugly foundation for which penis curvature is built upon
  • Rehabilitate and heal the underlying penile tissue found in the corpus cavemosum – it’s almost always damaged when you experience Peyronie’s conditions. What’s the point of fixing the curve if the performing tissue won’t work well afterwards?
  • Drug Injections: Verapamil treatments are also often used during the plaque decimation process. Xiaflex can be effective in select cases to finalize success with straightening penis curvature after the underlying plaque is resolved.

CurveFree® does more than Dissolve Plaque: Revitalizes Penile Tissue

While the decimation of plaque is the most compelling outcome from CurveFree™ the technology does even more: it also revitalizes penile tissue by creating improved blood flow and stem cell rejuvenation.

How’s that?

Imagine a young penis as a brand new sponge. Over time, as it’s utilized – the sponge becomes dry, hardened – unable to hold water as before.

Repair Penile Tissue Curved Penises Pic
Guess what?

This imagery is exactly what happens to an aging penis. The inner tissue that serves as the basis for an erection looks and acts like a sponge. If you don’t revitalize that tissue as you straighten the cure? You end up with a straighter sponge that only looks better; it still won’t function as it did before the disease.

While one aspect of the treatments dissolve the plaque associated with Peyronies disease – the other aspects are softening and revitalizing that aging sponge-like tissue.

Penile Curvature Improvement is Easily Measured

bent penile shaft treatment devicesBefore we start every CurveFree™ regimen, we complete a comprehensive vascular study that details your present circumstances regarding plaque and curvature. For more extreme cases with significant build up of calcified plaque, you’ll be able to accurately gauge your progress with subsequent vascular analysis. This isn’t a guessing game. When we remove the calcified and fibrous plaque? Complete healing is possible in every instance.

CurveFree® is a Non-Surgical Solution

The entire CurveFree™ treatment process is non-invasive and non-surgical. All treatments are performed in-office and result in minimal pain or swelling. For patients with enough time to invest we can escalate the daily and weekly process to achieve more rapid results.