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Penis Width and Length Enlargement – Without Surgery

The new Morganstern Non-Surgical Length and Girth Enlargement is the world’s most exciting innovation in penis enlargement technology.

Why is that?

It’s simple.

First off, the procedure is completely non-surgical. That means there’s no cutting, no stitches and no anesthesia. Second? It provides increased size with both length and width.

Yes, you heard that right: Morganstern Medical developed a non-surgical technique for penis enlargement that results in a longer and thicker penis without any surgery: no anesthesia, no scalpels, and no stitches – meaning the only way anybody can ever tell you’ve had it done is through your bigger size.

This new technology does require occasional filler and touch-up based upon the amount of new collagen formed by your body during the enlargement process – and the price includes one additional filler / touch-up within the first 12 months after your procedure. Our patented approach utilizes a proprietary tandem of FDA approved fillers: some of which are permanent in nature: others that aren’t life-lasting.

Cost: Financing is available for our new non-surgical “Longer and Thicker” for as little as $2,500 down.

The Morganstern Longer and Thicker Technique is recommended for men seeking a lasting larger penis but who won’t be an ideal candidate for our Permanent Penis Enlargement Surgery (guys with little or no body fat) – or have limited time availability for surgery and recovery.

Morganstern Non-Surgical Length and Width
Enhancement Highlights

  • Minimal downtime.
  • Can usually return to work the following day. Most often will resume full sexual activity within about ten days.
  • No Surgery
  • No Cutting of Ligaments
  • No Scars
  • No Stiches
  • No Scalpels
  • NO General Anesthesia Risks
  • NO Invasive Surgery with Skin Implants
  • NO Invasive Surgery with Liposuction Fat Transfer
  • NO Invasive Surgery with an Alloderm Implant


How Do We Do It? Proven Proprietary Technique

Our huge new innovation that provides a non-surgical increase in both length and width is achieved through a proprietary tandem of FDA-Approved fillers and is performed by a Board Certified Urologist.[/vc_column_text]

How important is it that your enlargement doctor is Board-Certified?

Board Certified really matters: What’s the difference between a board-certified surgeon versus a general physician? A lot. It’s but one reason such professionals are the only doctors allowed to perform treatments at licensed surgery centers – their insurance carriers know: non board-certified surgeons aren’t skilled enough to effectively resolve the variety of complications that can arise. All doctors are “certified” before being licensed to practice medicine – however only “board certified” must continually prove their meddle before an experienced group of their peers. It’s kind of like eating at a restaurant that was only inspected at the opening and won’t get shut down until somebody dies versus enjoying your meal at an establishment that’s annually evaluated and the quality confirmed. You’ve only got one penis: do you really want to risk your performance with a medical amateur?

Penis Size: What Really Matters?

Is penis size determined by genetics?

The preponderance of born penis size is pre-determined from genetics. If you’re larger – that trait was likely inherited from your father and/or his father. Same goes with being “smaller”.

Misconceptions about average penis size

The most common misconception on penis size revolves around the pop myth culture belief that the average erect penis is six inches long. This version of events was born from an age old self measurement study with no outside governance. Let’s face it – left to their own devices, most men might exaggerate regarding the size of their manhood.

According to clinically accurate empirical data, the average erect penis is 4.9 inches with average erect girth at 4.1 inches. The average flaccid length size s approximately 3.6 inches and average flaccid width is 3.4 inches.

Does penis size matter for women?

Does penis size matter?

Yes, it does – if you’re referring to sexual stimulation derived from the mechanical action that occurs during intercourse. The degree of which it matters is most often dependent upon the age of a female, if she’s already born any children (and how many and if they were vaginal deliveries), her own sexual leanings and her genetically pre-determined inner size.

Why is that?

Women have three areas within a vagina that possess “orgasmic” nerve endings – those areas that can reach orgasmic pleasure through direct stimulation. The first area is the cervical wall, which is located inside of a vagina – people often call this area “the G-Spot” but clinically speaking it’s just the wall that protects the cervix. Incidentally, the average female cervical wall is located between 3.75 and 4.25 inches deep in the vagina – which by nature’s design means the average erect penis length is long enough to massage the cervical wall and induce orgasm.

The second area of the vagina that contains orgasmic nerve endings is the vaginal lips and the third is the most well-known: the “clitoris” – which is situated atop the vaginal entry.

Simply stated – the larger the penis – the more the areas that contain orgasmic nerve endings get stimulated during sexual intercourse. However, women’s sexual response with men is more intently tied to emotions tied to a partner than vaginal nerve endings. Increased size equates to increased sensation – but not necessarily better sex.

Penis Length vs. Width: What Matters Most to Women?

The width (girth) of the penis refers to the circumference of the penis measured all the way around. Thus, a girth enhancement refers to a thickening of the width of the penis, or an increase in penile circumference.

At Morganstern, you don’t necessarily have to choose between length and width. With some procedures, you can increase both.

What matter most to women in terms of penis size? 

Larger width is considered most important by 85% of females which makes sense – since as we just disclosed in the previous section, two thirds of the nerve endings in a vagina that trigger orgasmic responses are tied to “width” – namely, the outer lips of the vagina and the clitoris.

Additional Length Has Little Impact Upon Orgasmic Pleasure

Beyond the cervical wall area of the vagina that possesses orgasmic nerve endings are soft tissue areas. These spots have nerve endings – but their level of sensation is akin to the nerve endings on your arm. Thus, its only the first five inches of an erect penis that actually creates orgasmic stimulation. If a man’s penis is ten inches long – does a woman “feel” that entire length? Absolutely. Does it turn some women on to see and touch such large size before sex. Sure – just like large female breasts are often a turn-on for men to see and touch before sex. However, larger breasts or an extra five inches of length don’t equate into increased orgasmic please.

However, larger girth results in increased friction during each stroke – which is why 80% of women note large girth as the most appealing aspect of penile size, sexually speaking.

Small penis size or girth and self confidence

Being comparatively “small” in penis size can be devastating to some men both with sexual confidence and self-image.

It’s important to keep in mind that both erect and flaccid sizes are tied to blood flow. A full erection is created when the brain signals for a rush of blood to be pumped into the sponge like organ of the penis. However, even flaccid size is tied to blood flow – which is why most men notice a reduction is size as they age. Our cardio vascular system slows down as we age – resulting in less supporting blood flow reaching extremities like the penis even without an erection. That’s but one reason a “girth only” enhancement is especially popular with men – they subsequently “hang heavier” when flaccid and they tend to cause increased sexual response with a female partner being thicker.