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Is Your Penile Curvature Perfectly Normal – Or Problematic?

Penile curvature is a problem caused by Peyronie’s disease (also known as “curved penis disease”). You will know that you have a problem with penis curvature just by looking at your penis.

If you notice a curve in your penis, you should perform a physical self-exam and feel your penis for any hardening, nodules, or dents along the side of the penis. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, please immediately seek help from a qualified medical professional.

Another symptom of Peyronie’s disease is the shortening of the penis because of penile fibrosis.

If you observe any shortening of the penis whatsoever, you should see a specialist immediately. This is caused by penile fibrosis, a diagnosis associated with Peyronie’s disease.

Most men will experience pain stemming from the curve. This pain can be felt mostly when men start to become aroused and the penis becomes erect. This pain can even affect their sexual partners if the man is trying to have sexual intercourse while suffering from Peyronie’s.

What does Peyronie’s disease feel like?

Listed below are some common symptoms of Peyronie’s disease:

  • Plaque Buildup – You can usually feel the plaque, or scar tissue, just under the skin of the penis. The shaft can also feel lumpy.
  • Major Penile Curvature – Depending on where the plaque buildup is, the penis may be curved to the side, downwards, or upwards.
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – Men with curved penis disease often have difficulty in getting and/or keeping an erection.
  • Penis Shortening – Over time, men often experience a loss of penis length if their Peyronie’s is left untreated.
  • Pain – Most Peyronie’s patients have painful erections and can often experience pain during orgasm as well.

If you notice any shortening of your penis at all, you should see a specialist immediately.

This shortening is caused by penile fibrosis, a disorder associated with Peyronie’s disease. Also, as you begin to notice the curving of your penis you should feel the penis for hardening, nodules, or any indentations along the side of the penis.

Can Peyronie’s fix itself?

No, but it can mask the continued progression of the disease… until it can’t.  Precious time is lost when patients wait and watch.  If you notice anything out of the ordinary about your penis, please go get help right away.

If left alone, penile curvature can eventually lead to loss of function and severe loss of length of the penis.