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How many men have Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s Disease is on Rise. Are You at Risk?

penile-curvaturePeyronie’s disease affects a lot of men : perhaps 11.8% of the male population: 14 million men – and it’s getting bigger each and every year.

The most oft quoted statistics regarding the prevalence Peyronie’s is derived from Peyronie’s Disease, A Guide to Clinical Management by Levine, published in 2007. Their studies showed that the condition increased during the last 30 years and they estimated it to range between 3.7% and 7.1% of the male population. However, they indicated the actual prevalence may be higher because of patients’ reluctance to report this embarrassing condition to their physicians.

Peyronie’s Cases are on the Rise

A much more recent statistical study that developed a questionnaire designed to make curvature feel less embarrassing to disclose revealed much higher numbers with both diagnosed cases and probable cases, estimated at 11.8% of all US men –and rising. In particular, the study showed a stark increase in cases amongst men 18-24 years of age (15.0%) vs. middle-aged men of 45-54 years old (8.7%).

A steady uptick in Peyronies cases as men near sixty years old is logical given the plaque build-up commonly associated with aging. However, the rising numbers amongst the youngest males seemed to catch the researchers off guard and without explanation.


Why the Big Increase of Peyronie’s Symptom’s Amongst Young Males?

CurveFree co-founder and renowned urologist Steven L Morganstern, MD puts much of the blame on easily accessed Internet pornography. “Through patient interviews we discovered today’s younger male masturbates far more often than previous generations – and they’re doing so repeatedly, in consecutive sessions – when fueled by constant pornographic erotica. This continuous manipulation stresses the penile tissue in ways that cause Peyronie’s. Even a slight but consistent turn of the wrist during masturbation – if performed too often – will cause penile damage that creates Peyronie’s disease.”

Breakthrough New Peyronie’s Treatment

In case you haven’t heard, we created a breakthrough, new-patented treatment technology called CurveFree® that heals the symptoms associated with Peyronie’s disease.

  1. We’re able to remove the plaque that creates the underlying basis for your pain and curvature – without surgery
  2. We’re able to rehabilitate the inner penis tissue that provides penile function and performance – its almost always damaged be your Peyronie’s condition
  3. We’re able to straighten your curvature
    In fact: we improved Penis Curvature / Peyronie’s in 99.6% of patients.

Sound exciting? Read on – we’ll tell you all about it and how to get started.