The Only Problem with CurveFree® Technology?
The Extra Time Required to Heal Severe Cases
Everything Else is a Cure!

What are the negative aspects of the CurveFree® treatment for Peyronie’s disease?

There are no side effects associated with the CurveFree® treatment process aside from mild swelling and tenderness following treatment. These outcomes are temporary are minimal for most patients.

The biggest problems associated with the CurveFree® treatment platform are time, money and patient compliance.curvefree-logo

Time Investment

Depending upon the amount and severity of plaque within your penis, the process to break down & remove fibrous plaque, plaque masses and calcified plaque can take anywhere between 3 – 52 weeks of constant treatment.

A thorough analysis of your case will allow us to offer a realistic estimate of the time required to heal your penis. The good news is that ongoing results are measurable: this isn’t a “wait until the end” guessing game. We are willing to customize your approach based upon your personal circumstances.


Depending upon all the related underlying diagnosis and your exact type of health insurance, some parts of your treatment are often covered by insurance. However, one select aspect of this technology is presently not covered by any insurance. We recently developed a source for custom financing options for patients in our effort do everything possible to make success an affordable option for all people.
When compared to deductibles associated with surgery or Xiaflex®, our treatment is cost competitive.


Because of the cost and time investments associated with our treatment process, some patients are unable to complete the process. Additionally, a few opted to start self-adjusting their prescribed protocol with less than favorable outcomes.
Dr. Morganstern is able and willing to create a custom regimen to support whatever specific circumstances whenever possible. Alas, the optimal outcome includes the complete process but we understand not everyone is in a position to achieve that situation.


One frustrating aspect of healing we’ve discovered from our patients with severe, long-established Peyronie’s conditions is that the curvature is all they’re fixated upon. Unfortunately, in such cases – reducing and eliminating the curve happens in the final phases – we first have to eliminate the boulders that are shoring up the issue (the calcified plaque) . Additionally, we’ve got to improve your underlying vascular health to reduce the likelihood of recurring symptoms. These outcomes take lots of time in tough cases. The condition didn’t occur n one day and we can’t heal it that fast, either.

Healing is just a phone call away

Unlike other treatments that surfaced for Peyronies treatment, there’s no guesswork with our success. We’re able to measure your progress along the way toward healing through ongoing vascular studies that clearly compare calcification and plaque improvement on a “before and after” basis.

Treating Your Peyronie’s Disease

If you are living with Peyronie’s you already know that your penis has a curvature that’s not normal. While Peyronie’s affects 10% of all men – a much larger segment of are living with curved penis problems they now find embarrassing and a source of reduced sexual satisfaction for themselves and their partners. While damage done to the penis can lead to shortening, scarring and plaque the issues are not permanent. Your penis curvature or Peyronie’s can be healed by seeing CurveFree® . The first steps of healing begin when you make an appointment. Just by making the conscience effort to fix your curved penis is better than anything. Men do not realize how progressive penis curvature is and how quickly it turns into Peyronie’s. If left alone penis curvature can eventually lead to loss of function and severe loss of length of the penis.

Free Initial Consultation

Wondering if CurveFree™ is right for you? We offer a free initial consultation – either in-office or over the phone – to evaluate your present condition and determine if there’s a suitable CurveFree™ treatment in your future.