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Common Erectile Dysfunction treatments & which to avoid

Do I have erectile dysfunction?

If all else fails, do you perform penile implants?

Traditional Erectile Dysfunction Treatments: Is One Right for You?


The old-school treatments are still available
but 50% of men will Not Achieve a Worthwhile Erection
from these old-school solutions.
That’s Where Morganstern Medical Comes In!
We provide new and better solutions.

To resolve erectile dysfunction issues, most physicians including skilled urologists craft a plan starting with the least invasive technique to minimize any potential for long term patient complications. The difference between us and them? We possess twice the tools to fix you.

Here, we’ll educate you on the common solutions you might soon encounter at various practices, the strengths and weaknesses associated with each treatment and how to determine the best path to your improved performance.

Soon, we’ll also show you how the amazing new treatments available exclusively at Morganstern Medical make most of these old-school techniques seem ancient. We’ll also help steer you clear of some of some recent scams – saving you time, money & frustration.


Commonly Recognized Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Lifestyle Improvements

Healthy improvements to your lifestyle can almost always create sexual benefits: things like quitting smoking, losing some weight, and increasing physical regimen will almost always be of assistance.


Until new treatments evolved in the late 20th century, psychology was the defect treatment for erectile dysfunction. Dr. Morganstern is often quoted as saying: “In the 1980’s and early 1990’s we viewed impotence as 85% psychological and 15% physiological. We now know its the opposite: the problem is 85% physical and only 15% ‘in your head'”.

However, its important to remember that there is still 15% of cases that are psychosomatic. Your skilled physician will include a questionnaire that’s designed to catch these triggers and can offer a pathway to healing with minimal traditional medicine.

Pharmaceutical Treatments

There are now a wide range of drugs available to treat erectile dysfunction. The majority of men will see positive benefits from these new drug therapies. Steven L. Morganstern, MD was the only private clinician in the world that was included in the original clinical trials of sildenfal – which was launched as “Viagra” in 1998. Additional phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors drug treatments have since been introduced. PDE5’s inhibitors essentially work by increasing the release of Nitric Oxide as men who suffer from ED often produce too little amounts of NO.

That’s one big reason you hear those warnings about guys who take nitrate-based drugs for heart disease should not take drugs like Viagra – it can reverse their effects. This is a powerful drug and should only be taken under the care of a licensed physician.

Testosterone Therapy

New advances in testosterone therapy can prove beneficial for lots of men. However, its crucial that a patient first complete a detailed blood test and get treatment by a skilled urologist. The potentially amazing benefits from testosterone therapy have given rise to a myriad of novelty Low-T-type clinics where your solution is always low-testosterone – and their treatment program is administered by a stock physician vs. a skilled urologist.

Why’s that such a big deal?

Often times, the underlying pituitary gland that regulates testosterone creation is malfunctioning. Non-Specialist physicians don’t know how to spot this condition or how to resolve it. Testosterone therapy that circumvents a pituitary gland malfunction will cause that gland to quit working: permanently! Translation? The patient will be dependent upon supplemental testosterone therapy for the rest of his life – when the problem could have been easily repaired at the onset.

Intracavernosal Injections

Dr. Steven Morganstern loves to recall when Ronald Virag introduced the powerful effects of intracavernosal injections to the urologic community – he simply dropped his pants and made it happen for all to witness.

Papaverine hydrochloride, phentolamine, and alprostadil (a prostaglandin E2) are the most common active ingredients amongst a wide variety of intracavernosal injection options. If an “instant erection” sounds too good to be true – you’re right: it is. Men have suffered repeated challenges with priapism and a whole new generation of patients with peyronies disease are being born from these injections.

One of the worst outcomes of this novel invention was the advent of a couple of infamous operators who preyed on men’s sexual frustration & related shyness by offering a “guaranteed erection” – which these injections will certainly provide – and selling the injectors at a high premium compared to the open marketplace. Lots of patients who got hooked into these scams by Dr. Kevin Hornsby and Boston Medical found out their problems didn’t warrant this more extreme approach to ED until it was too late – they had already spent a fortune on treatments and were left to deal with the remaining scar tissue from injections.

Intracavernosal injections plays a role in the ED treatment equation – but it should be relegated to one of your last options.

Vacuum Pumps for Erections

One of the most successful long-standing treatments for erectile dysfunction is a vacuum pump. These devices draw blood into the penis and force the effect of an engorged erection. Placing a rubber band or form of constriction around the base of the penis once erect will help insure you can enjoy your hard state throughout intercourse although some men must release it in order to enjoy ejaculation.

Penile Implant Surgery Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Penile implants are the choice of many urologists when none of the above options prove fruitful. It involves surgical implantation of a penile prosthetic and supporting hydraulic mechanism to cause an erection. This is an irreversible solution: once you’ve done a penile implant – new innovations in penile treatment and repair are not an option. Also, the pump doesn’t last forever – it will have to be replaced. Also, some don’t function ideally and infections are a problem for some.

Our founding physician, Steven L. Morganstern, MD was the lead trainer for other physicians in 19XX for the more radical approach to treating ED – a penile implant. Additionally, he personally performed over 4,000 penile implants.


He almost never recommends penile implant surgery – its just almost never necessary given the new approaches that can rehabilitate the penile tissue.

Newest Scams: Erectile Dysfunction Treatments to Avoid


How to Recognize a Suspect Treatment
Trying to Leverage your Vulnerability

Come to the Recognized Experts
Our ED Doctors Provide Solutions That Really Work

I’m assuming you’re naturally skeptical of ads for a pill that requires no prescription that will somehow magically cure your ED or perform similar to Viagra or Cialis? There’s no such thing: period!

Men’s Health Clinics – The Biggest New Scam in Erectile Dysfunction

Unfortunately, not every problematic solution comes from obvious con-artists – even well recognized clinics with licensed medical practitioners offer treatments with questionable outcomes.

Years back, a pair of clinic operations leveraged men’s vulnerability from ED into full-scale fraud – including Dr. Kevin Hornsby and Boston Medical. Newer versions of these same concepts now occur at places like Low-T Centers and Men’s Specialty Clinics: some even offer high-tech sounding solutions to your problems. At the end of the day? They’re in the business of a pre-disposition for create a diagnosis for services they sell which are administered by third-rate providers: it’s not good health care!

The most common problems we see today are derived from the onslaught of new specialty clinics for men’s health. In fact, 43% of the ED patients treated at Morganstern in 2015 – were forced to endure “repair” work we had to perform because they started their journey at one of several from “Men’s Health Clinic”. Those patients faced were additional time plus expenses that are typically almost 300% higher than men who didn’t travel this less than ideal path.

All that’s legally required to open a clinic “specializing” in Men’s sexual health is a business plan, adequate capital for a slick promotion budget, a good sales person and a Nurse Practitioner, Physician’s Assistant or General Practitioner licensed to dispense related prescription drugs and perform treatments.

How do you know you’re caught in a Men’s Health Clinic Sexual Dysfunction “bait and switch”?

If you don’t receive your diagnosis and treatment plan face-to-face with a certified Urologist who specializes in Men’s Sexual Health?


Erectile dysfunction is a condition of the penis – which is a very complex vascular organ that’s dependent upon a variety of inputs to function optimally. While any licensed clinic can offer and provide the same tools available to most patients – knowing which is best suited in each case isn’t simple science. The causes of erectile dysfunction can be classified as psychogenic, organic (neurogenic, hormonal, arterial, venous or cavernosal and drug-induced), and mixed psychogenic and organic. A mixed version of these etiologies for ED are the most common. Thus, a non-specialist simply doesn’t have the skills to evaluate the proper tandem. Mistakes in this regard can cause key penile function to improve for awhile – then eventually mis-fire or shut-down: the horror stories we witness are endless.

Nurse Practitioners, Physician’s Assistants and General Practitioners are suited to perform the testing and evaluation to set-up your diagnosis but it takes a very skilled urologist to determine your best treatment solution.

Make no mistake: the most-skilled scammers will make it sound like they have a urologist on staff. They’ll say he reviews all their charts, etc. These places are all about increasing numbers – and you’ll likely end up an ugly statistic.

Priapus® or P-Shots®

One of our most common ED “repair” projects stem from patients who’ve been getting Priapus® or “P-Shots®”. This treatment is commonly provided as the be-all for any penile issues: from Peyronie’s Disease to ED – and numerous providers cite extensive studies that support these amazing outcomes.

Where did it come from? A few years ago, the same entrepreneur who launched “The Vampire Facelift®” branded and launched his own version of platelet rich plasma injections as something novel and did a great job promoting this new marketing beast as something wonderful. Lots of cash-starved physicians and urologists were all to happy to provide this well marketed service. Worse still? Lots of other physicians tried hopping on this train wreck with their own even less developed approaches to platelet rich plasma injections.

injectionShotGuess what?

The only supporting medical evidence for the efficacy of these treatments was from an 11-patient panel, performed in less than ideal standards by an unaccredited Medical School.

Thus, it’s simply a branded, trademark protected and licensed inched novelty that’s helping cash-starved non-urologists make extra money.

Dr. Morganstern was one of the first urologists to test platelet rich plasma injections into the penis in the 1980’s. After extensive testing and research, he found results were not beneficial and presented the potential for penis trauma by injected a foreign material into the sensitive tissue (which can lead to Peyronie’s disease).

It does offer a short-lived “placebo effect” since the injection of your reconstituted blood temporarily adds increased girth and a sense of a harder penis. Alas, the potential for damage far outweighs this temporary outcome – not to mention the constant hit to your bank account.

None of the recognized urologic leaders in erectile dysfunction offer this service – for good reason.

Don’t fall for this treatment!

Simply stated: This shot is pretty much worthless and will probably eventually end up classified like most marketing gimmicks: a mistake.