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New Patented Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction Replacing Penile Implants

Atlanta Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Non SurgicalThe last major innovation for chronic erectile dysfunction?
The Penile Implant…in 1973
Until now
We’re Leading the Way with the Next Generation Solution

Morganstern Medical has developed, tested and refined the next generation of treatment for men suffering from chronic ED.

The Best News: Exceptional ED Success & No Surgery

Its all non-invasive: no surgery is required.

Erectile Dysfunction Goes Mainstream

Ten years ago, erectile dysfunction was a hush-hush subject you rarely heard anyone discuss openly. Following the introduction of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra? Everybody starting talking about what the “little blue pill” could do for just about everyone.

All three medications helped lots of guys attain an erection firm enough for healthy intercourse. A 2001 evaluation of the long-term successful of Viagra reported a success rate of approximately 69%. Levitate and Cialis reported similarly positive outcomes at 69% and 59%, respectively.

Think You Need a Penile Implant?

Success from PDE-5 inhibitors like Viagra and Cialis is limited for men with vascular problems or heart disease. Urology world provided other options: vacuum pumps, penile bands and penile injection therapy. Alas, these solutions take the fun of spontaneity out of a sexual connection – sometimes even “ruining” that special moment. Up until now – a penile implant – or penile prosthesis – was the only additional option available to such patients.

We’ve developed a new patented treatment technology that can actually heal your Ed symptoms without implant surgery on over two-third’s of all untreatable ED diagnosis.

Penile Implants: What are they?

Penile Implant Photos Erect PenisThere are basically two types of penile implants: semi-rigid and inflatable devices. The semi-rigid version is a set of rods implanted into the penis that can be bent as needed for optional penetration. Their big downside? They always stay rigid making their existence difficult to conceal.

The inflatable implants are more popular since they look more natural. These saline-filled devices consist of inflatable cylinders placed in the erection chambers of the penis, a pump placed in the scrotum for patient-activated inflation/deflation, and a reservoir placed in the abdomen which stores the fluid. The device is inflated by squeezing the pump several times to transfer fluid from the reservoir to the chambers in the penis. After successful sexual relations, the pump can be deactivated to return the penis to a flaccid condition. Almost all implanted penile prosthesis devices perform satisfactorily for a decade or more before needing replacement.

Penile Implants Benefits: The Pro’s

  • Penile Implant How it Works Erectile DysfunctionThe implant inflates discreetly – its nothing like having to pull out a vacuum pump
  • The erection can be artificially maintained indefinitely
  • Mechanical failure rates are low
  • The inflatable versions are pretty much

Penile Implants Drawbacks: The Con’s

  • Its irreversible – once you go down this path? You can’t go back
  • The penis isn’t very firm. If you reach down and pull your penis taught with your fingers? What you see then will be the approximate rigidity after a penile implant
  • Men can lose an inch of length from implantation – double that after a replacement implant is installed
  • There is a 2-10% complication rate – infection, rejection, etc.
  • Masturbation can be painful
  • Surgery down time: 2-4 weeks

Announcing a”Natural” Replacement to the Penile Implant: Best Solution on Market

Morganstern Health is excited to announce a new, proven alternative treatment for roughly 2/3 of all men now considered candidates for a penile implant. We’ve who tested and refined the next generation of treatment for men suffering from chronic ED. Best of all? Its non-invasive: no surgery required.

Best Treatment Erectile Dysfunction Chart Atlanta

Affirmall replaces the need for Penile Implants in 2/3 of all cases

Know this – we’ve always loved penile implants. Our founding physician: Steven L.. Morganstern, MD was at the forefront of their launch in 1973 – as the national head of physician implant training for first-inventor Brantley Scott. DR. Morganstern played a big role in driving market acceptance amongst physicians and also personally performed over 4,000 Penile Implant surgeries.

At that time?

The technology was game-changing – providing a viable solution for a lifetime of sexual performance with patients suffering from chronic ED.

But that was 1973. This is 2017.