Does CurveFree® work with Xiaflex®?

Yes – CurveFree® is an ideal complement to a Xiaflex® regimen when that drug is suitable for a patient. Additionally, CurveFreeTM opens the door to Xiaflex® for some patients who presently aren’t good candidates for the drug.

The reason the two treatments mesh ideally is because of the underlying outcome from each technology: Xiaflex® is a very powerful drug known to be efficacious with literally dissolving the residual curve associated with Peyronie’s Disease. Unfortunately, Xiaflex faces limitations and the potential for complications when there’s calcified plaque: an occurrence in the largest number of Peyronie’s patients. CurveFree™ is a process that eliminates the calcified plaque usually associated with Peyronies disease and rehabilitates the penile interior. Thus, together – they offer the possibility of a 100% curvature correction and long term penile health for Peyronies patients.

Problems of Xiaflex® Without CurveFree®

Using Xiaflex without CurveFree™ treatments on a patient with calcified plaque? It’s kind of like trying to drop a nuclear weapon on a mountain to flatten the space for improvement – the remaining ruble makes the subsequent terrain uninhabitable and sometimes even worse than before.

CurveFree™ opens up success with Xiaflex for a lot of patients facing conditions as follows:

Xiaflex® Can’t be Injected into Calcified Plaque

Xiaflex is not indicated for use where the source of curvature is surrounded with calcified plaque: its unable to penetrate the plaque and thus, is considered likely to seep into the corpora cavernosa and cause damage to that tissue that’s most vital to a healthy penis.

Solution: CurveFree™ technology is able to first disseminate the calcified plaque that’s a source of curvature, causing Xiaflex to subsequently be effective in those cases.

Xiaflex® is not suitable for “Under Penis” Plaque

If the source of curvature is due to any sort of plaque that’s located are the underside of the penis, Xiaflex is not indicated for use because of potential damage it can cause to the urethra. Solution: CurveFree™ technology is able to safely dislodge plaque from the underside of the penis and create a basis for subsequent healing.

Free Initial Consultation

Wondering if CurveFree™ is right for you? We offer a free initial consultation – either in-office or over the phone – to evaluate your present condition and determine if there’s a suitable CurveFree™ treatment in your future.