How was CurveFree® technology developed?

CurveFree® was established from a tandem of treatment platforms established by Steven. L. Morganstern, MD and medical device entrepreneur Carlos Becerra.

Dr. Morganstern is an internationally acclaimed Urologist and surgeon, with an innovative specialization in men’s sexual health. He was on the front lines of erectile dysfunction (ED) therapeutics and was chosen as the only private clinician to be included in the original trials for Viagra. He’s served as the clinical developer of a number of urologic innovations since the 1970’s.


Co-inventor Carlos Becerra is a long time medical device entrepreneur whose been awarded multiple patents. Most notably Mr. Becerra innovated a proprietary treatment system for in spinal disc and pain management through IDD Therapy® which is now considered the global gold standard for decompression treatment through his company: North American Medical Corporation.

Together the pair invested over twenty years of effort directly related to the development of the new CurveFree™ Peyronies treatment technology. Miss Rayvon Reynolds joined the group in 2014 with the express purpose of helping finalize the technology and create a suitable growth platform for its expansion. She most recently co-founded an enterprise that launched the “at home drycleaning” consumer packaged goods category across the globe and she has eleven patents to her name.

Where’s the proof of CurveFree® Technology healing Peyronie’s Disease?

Morganstern just started a retrospective study of its case results using the CurveFree™ treatment process and is now preparing to initiate a prospective analysis of success for further clarification. Dr. Morganstern plans to publish an analysis of these findings as they become available.

Our present results are proving nothing short of game-changing – we haven’t had a single patient who was compliant in his treatment that hadn’t experienced an improvement in reduction of both plaque and curvature: not one!

Based upon recent results from over 200 patients at our facility in Atlanta – we’re witnessing a 100% success rate eliminating fibrous and calcified plaque associated with Peyronie’s amongst compliant patients. All compliant patients saw significant or complete reduction in the unsightly curve associated with this disease.

In retrospective, had we realized we finally unraveled the secret to healing Peyronie’s disease when we first installed this technology in 2015? We would have started creating proof studies from that onset. Alas, Dr. Morganstern has been working on the development of such treatments for decades. We didn’t realize we achieved checkmate until more recently.

What’s the biggest problem facing our new CurveFree® Technology?

Skepticism abounds over Peyronies treatments

Simply stated: the large number of earlier treatments that failed or come up short causing adequate patient success created lots of distrust in today’s market. That’s only fair. We embrace this cynicism will take time to overcome via our continued success and independent analysis of our results.

We are presently launching a series of development projects that will help create a healing path for all with Peyronie’s, including:

  • A series of case analysis reports that highlight conditions and improvements regarding recent select cases from verifiable vascular “before and after” studies,
  • A retrospective study of all cases we’ve completed this past year – including both compliant and non-compliant patients,
  • A prospective study managed by an Independent Review Board to analyze new patients results from start to finish under specific constraints,
  • Expansion and Licensure of our CurveFree® technology to a handful of select urologists in the US to prove success outside of our facility and results duplication.

Dr. Morganstern will publish papers regarding all these outcomes in the medical community as the information comes available.

Free Initial Consultation

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