Why do people die in the wilderness?
They die of shame.

A billionaire business mogul depicted by Anthony Hopkins in the movie “The Edge” made this profound observation to his companions following a small plane crash into the northern mountains. He told his fearful co-hearts: “People die in the wilderness from shame. They are ashamed to be lost, afraid and confused. They wonder: how did I get here? Why can’t I find my way? So they fail to do the one thing that can save them. They fail to think.”

For this one moment, we want you to drop
any shame or frustration you’re feeling
and listen to what we tell you.

Its not just words: its reality!

Your Penis isn’t “designed” to quit working – even after age 90

Approximately 30 million men in the US alone – including over half the guys between 40 and 70 years of age suffer from ED symptoms. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not, in itself: a diagnosis. Rather, its most often a symptom of another health concern. Its often the earliest indicator of an impending heart problem. Most people don’t realize, erectile dysfunction is not “supposed” to happen at any age: it doesn’t “quit working” as we age. Rather, aspects of the erection process often need repair & maintenance over time. The body is designed to achieve and maintain erections until death.

It’s about Vascular Health – not Virility

If you looked at your penis as most guys view the functionality of their car – you would probably feel better. The mechanisms share lots of commonality. Like the oil that flows through your car engine, blood supply to your penis starts in your heart and flows through arteries in the belly to even smaller arteries that branch off to carry blood into the penis. With sexual stimulation, these blood vessels need to rapidly increase blood flow. If these blood vessels are blocked (atherosclerosis) by coronary artery disease, you may not be able to achieve or maintain an erection – kind of like a clogged fuel line.

Your ED Symptoms Might Just Save Your “Engine”

Doctors know – its challenging to get men to stay on schedule with annual check-ups. About the only condition that will motivate a guy to see his doctor is failure with sexual performance.

ED and heart disease are considered two signs of the same disease process. The smaller arteries in the penis are affected by atherosclerosis sooner, perhaps three or more years before they cause heart disease symptoms. That “clogged fuel line” first affects the penis. But later – if not repaired – it can shut down the engine known as your heart.

A large international study found that men with ED were more likely to die from heart causes; have a heart attack, stroke or be admitted to the hospital with heart failure than men with no or mild ED.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask: We’ll Make You Better

Few men first facing ED symptoms are comfortable talking about it: male sexual prowess is a rite of passage many guys embrace from early childhood. You may reduce your risk of ED by improving your heart health. Healthy lifestyle choices often encourage you to stop smoking, lose weight, and increase physical activity. If ED persists, oral medications are a common first therapy for ED. If oral medications don’t work for you, the penile implant may be an option. The implant is concealed inside the body. It offers support for an erection whenever and wherever desired.

You must know: ED isn’t a diagnosis. Rather, it means something else is wrong. Our job is to find that, fix it and get you back to your old self quickly and safely. This – is what we do: its our specialty. We’ve been doing it longer than anybody else in all the Southeast. We’re the best at it. We own proprietary tools not available to others.