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Our founding physician: Steven L. Morganstern, M.D. is an internationally acclaimed board certified Urologist, surgeon, and best-selling author with an innovative specialization in men’s sexual health. He was on the front lines of erectile dysfunction (ED) therapeutics – both with pioneering treatments and as a leading media spokesperson and expert – well before others were even talking about it. Notably, he was chosen as the only private clinician to be included in the original trials for Viagra.

Simply stated: He “was reversing ED – when ED wasn’t cool”.

Atlanta’s Leader in Men’s Sexual Health since 1979

The Most Recognized
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The Largest Specialty Men’s Health Clinic

Our state-of-the-art 10,000 square foot clinic located in the heart of Buckhead in Atlanta, GA exclusively dedicated to male issues, including:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Peyronie’s Disease
  • Low-T / Hormone Deficiency
  • Low Libido
  • Premature Ejacultation
  • Penis Enlargement Surgery
  • Impotence
  • Loss of Energy
  • Nutritional Therapy

The Largest Array of Proprietary Treatments

Exclusively at Morganstern our cutting-edge technologies, include:

  • Exclusive 65-Point Male Sexual Health Analysis
  • Endostim Therapy
  • Low-Intensity Shockwave Treatments
  • RejuvaHeart Counter-Pulsation Therapy
  • BioTE Hormone Pellet therapy
  • Intracavernosal Penile Injection Therapy
  • Penis Enlargement Surgery

The Most Innovative

Provided exclusively at Morganstern, including cutting-edge treatments for:

  • Dissolving Plaque Associated with Peyronie’s Disease
  • Healing Vascular Tissue Causing Erectile Dysfunction
  • Natural Surgical Penis Enlargement

The Most Caring

Few men facing ED symptoms are comfortable talking about it:
Sexual prowess is a rite of passage many guys embrace since early childhood. You need to understand: ED in itself, isn’t a diagnosis. Rather, it means something else is wrong. Our job is to find that, fix it, and get you back to your old self quickly and safely.

This – is what we do: its our specialty. We’ve been doing it longer than anybody else. We’re the best at it. We possess proprietary tools not available to others.

Let us make your life much more fun and fulfilling!

Patient Reviews


Dr. Morganstern is awesome, he is friendly, knowledgeable and very concerned about his patients. As a man if you’re having a problem with your sexual performance Dr. Morganstern is the doctor to see!! Best doctor I have ever been to. Dr. Morganstern and his staff provide the highest level of individualized healthcare with compassion and commitment. Get your Medicine of the Future here today!”

–  Anon Anon

“Dr. Morganstern is the most kind and thoughtful physician I have came across. He listens to your problems and addresses your needs. He is truly an innovator in the urology field. Before you go see any other physician for ED, take my advice and do not waste your time go to him first!

–  Winston Allen

I would not even consider going to any other Urologist.

–  Allen Teasley

“The entire staff was attentive and caring.”

–  Kenneth Parker